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115 Killed in 102 Days of Protests in Venezuela.

No one has been charged in 88% of the deaths, according to Nelson Bocaranda's Run Runes.

The death toll after 102 days of street demonstrations against embattled Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro has reached 115, according to figures from Venezuelan NGOs and local media.

The Attorney General’s Office official tally is of 91 killed since April 6th. No one has been charged in 88% of the deaths, according to Nelson Bocaranda’s Run Runes.

Of those charged, the vast majority are National Guards, National and local police and “armed civilians”, a byword for pro-government “colectivo” gangs. The government has admitted to the use of “colectivos” in breaking up demonstrations since 2014.

All-news website Run Runes together with NGO “Observatorio Venezolano de Conflictividad Social” (OVCS) had counted 113 killed, the vast majority of them demonstrators and several as young as 14, until Tuesday afternoon. However, two more demonstrators were killed between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning bringing the body count to 115: a 17 year old boy run over while at a barricade and a 55 year old woman on a pension, shot in the head.

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