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In Togo, opposition supporters protest against planned constitutional reform.

Hundreds of thousands of opposition supporters have reportedly taken to the streets in several cities across Togo to call for constitutional reform, despite an apparent government concession to their demands.

Aime Adi, head of Amnesty International in the West African country, told AFP news agency on Wednesday that “at least 100,000” were demonstrating in the capital, Lome, with similar demonstrations taking place in some 10 other cities.

For his part, opposition party leader Jean-Pierre Fabre called the demonstrations “unprecedented” and estimated that “more than one million people” were on the streets of Lome.

Many protesters brandished placards denouncing the government of President Faure Gnassingbe, whose family has been in power for the last 50 years, AFP reported.

Gnassingbe chaired a cabinet meeting on Tuesday evening, which saw ministers approve plans for a bill about restrictions on terms in office and changes to the voting system.

The opposition has been calling for both since 2005 when Gnassingbe succeeded his father, Gnassingbe Eyadema, who ruled for nearly 40 years.

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