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Daddy Freeze makes efforts to settle rift with Timmy Dakolo

While the New Year euphoria is yet to fade away, Daddy Freeze and Timi Dakolo have made effort to let old things pass away with the previous year, giving room for all things to become new as recommended in the Holy Bible.

Towards the end of 2017, the gospel sensation and the controversial OAP had a fallout over marriage-related issues. Timi had taken to Twitter to gush over his wife. In the process, he condemned divorce and talked down on all those who are divorcees. His tweet won the attention of some divorced celebs like Tony Payne, a few others, and Freeze.

The argument got so intense that the named celebrities fired quite some shots at Timi Dakolo. As a matter of fact, some random nosy Nigerians came up with an allegation against Timi Dakolo which had it that Timi had a side chic somewhere in Lagos City. Two random Nigerians confirmed the same thing and Daddy Freeze took over from there.

Both exchanged harsh words to a point where none thought they could ever be a comeback between them. But 2018 saw them becoming pals again. Timi shared a photo on IG, days ago and Freeze liked it. Apparently, they’re good.

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