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Nigeria states, slogan, year created and more…

The Nigeria states which consists of 6 states as at 1967 has over the years grown to 36 states and one Federal Capital territory of Abuja that acts as the seat of power for the Nigerian people.

State like Cross Rivers, Kaduna, Kano, Kwara, Lagos and River states were created on the 27th of May, 1967 after the regional governments was dropped in Nigeria making them the pioneering states.

The table below gives the full list of each states that make up Nigeria as a country which includes the numbers of local government, their states slogan, year created, region, their state capitals and more;

States Number of Local Governments Slogan Year Created Preceding from Regions State Capitals


Abia 17 God’s own State 27 August 1991 Imo South-East Umuahia
Adamawa 22 Highest peak of the nation 27 August 1991 Gongola North-East Yola
Akwa Ibom 31 Land of promise 23 September 1987 Cross River South-South Uyo
Anambra 21 Light of the nation 27 August 1991 (old) Anambra South-East Akwa
Bauchi 20 Pearl of Tourism 3 February 1976 North-Eastern North-East Bauchi
Bayelsa 9 The Glory of All Lands 1 October 1996 Rivers South-South Bayelsa
Benue 22 Food basket of the Nation 3 February 1976 Benue-Plateau North-Central Makurdi
Borno 27 Home of peace 3 February 1976 North-Eastern North-East Maiduguri
Cross River 18 The people’s paradise 27 May 1967 Eastern-Region South-East Calabar
Delta 25 The finger of God 27 August 1991 Bendel South-South Asaba
Ebonyi 13 The salt of the Nation 1 October 1996 Enugu and Abia South-East Abakaliki
Edo 19 The Beat of the Nation 27 August 1991 Bendel South-South Benin
Ekiti 16 Land of honour and integrity 1 October 1996 Ondo South-West Ado-Ekiti
Enugu 17 Coal city state 27 August 2991 (old) Anambra South-East Enugu
Gombe 11 Jewel in the Savannah 1 October 1996 Bauchi North-East Gombe
Imo 27 Eastern Heartland 3 February 1976 East Central South-East Owerri
Jigawa 27 The new World 27 August 1991 Kano North-West Dutse
Kaduna 23 Center of learning 27 May 1967 Northern Region North-West Kaduna
Kano 44 Center of commerce 27 May 1967 Norther Region North-West Kano
Kastina 34 State of Hospitality 23 September 1987 Kaduna North-West Kastina
Kebbi 22 Land of Equity 27 August 1991 Sokoto North-West Birnin Kebbi
Kogi 20 The Confluence state 27 August 1991 Kwara and Benue North-Central Lokoja
Kwara 16 The state of Harmony 27 May 1967 Northern Region North-Central Ilorin
Lagos 20 Centre of Excellence 27 May 1967


Federal Territory of Lagos and Colony Province


South-West Ikeja
Nazarawa 13 The home of solid minerals 1 October 1996 Plateau North-Central Lafia
Niger 24 The power State 3 February 1976 North-Western North-Central Minna
Ogun 19 The Gateway State 3 February 1976 Western State   South-West Abeokuta
Ondo 18 The Sunshine State 3 February 1976 Western State South-West Akure
Osun 30 Land of virtue 27 August 1991 Oyo South-West Oshogbo
Oyo 34 The pace setter state 3 February 1976 Western State South-West Ibadan
Plateau 17 Home of peace and tourism 3 February 1976 Benue- plateau North-Central Jos
Rivers 23 Treasure base of the Nation 27 May 1967 Eastern Region Sotuh-South Port Harcourt
Sokoto 22 Seat of the Caliphate 3 February 1976 North-Western North-West Sokoto
Taraba 16 Nature’s gift to the Nation 27 August 1991 Gongola North-East Jalingo
Yobe 17 Pride of the Sahel 27 August 1976 Borno North-East Damaturu
Zamfara 14 Farming is our pride 1 October 1996 Sokoto North-West Gusau
FCT 6 Center of Unity 3 February 1976 Benue-Plateau,North-Central and North-Western North-Central



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