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Rapper DMX sentenced to jail for tax evasion 

DMX has been sentenced to one year in jail for tax evasion for over ten years. The Ruff Ryder rapper whose real name is Earl Simmons was brought before a judge, Jed Rakoff who delivered the sentencing.

It is reported that DMX didn’t pay tax on income earned from 2002 to 2005, and from 2010 to 2015. On top of the prison sentence, Simmons must pay $2.29M back to the US government.

Simmons had pleaded guilty to one count of tax evasion but disputed the prosecution’s claim that he deliberately avoided tax by living a “cash lifestyle”, and by concealing his wealth during a bankruptcy hearing. He said he did not steal the money “like a criminal in a comic book”, and acknowledged that the tax should be paid.

The sentence was a long way below the five years recommended by the prosecution. Sentencing judge Jed Rakoff acknowledged Simmons was “a good man, a very far from perfect man” , but said he had committed a “brazen and blatant” crime.

The high point of the court hearing was when DMX’ lawyer played one of his songs citing that the song speaks to everyone. That didn’t change the heart of the Judge who already had his judgment ready for the accused. 

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DMX is the second rapper who will be facing jail terms in the last one year. We all remember that back in 2017, Meek Mill was sentenced to at least two years in prison for violating probation. »

Meek appeared in a Philadelphia court on Monday, November 8, 2017, where the judge reportedly ruled that the rapper violated probation from his 2009 drug and weapons case. In March, Meek, 30, was arrested in St. Louis and charged with misdemeanor assault for an altercation with two airport employees.

According to the judge, the rapper also violated probation when he was arrested for reckless driving in New York City . Although both cases were dropped, the judge said the arrests alone were violations..

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