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Recap of the rift between rap icons- 2pac and Biggie 

Well, before they started beefing, 2Pac and Biggie were actually quite close. They did shows together, a couple of interviews and were generally hanging out, sharing their knowledge on the game while learning from each other.

All this was terminated when 2Pac got shot at the recording studio in New York. Coincidence or not, at the time of the shooting, both Biggie and P Diddy were present. There are numerous theories as to what happened but that didn’t matter to Tupac who was suspecting that The Notorious B.I.G had something to do with him getting shot at, henceforth, the relationship between the two rappers deteriorated rapidly.

2Pac suspected Biggie of setting him up and he had his reasons for it. At the time, they were the 2 most popular rappers in the United States, doing the biggest numbers regarding record sales. Tupac probably thought that Biggie arranged an assassination attempt for him in order to eliminate him and then claim the throne of the biggest rapper in the US. Right after the shooting 2Pac went to prison and the moment he was released he started consciously attacking Biggie in any way he could. This included making the famous diss record Hit em Up, where he completely demolished his opponent.

Tupac was crafting all kinds of strategies to ruin Biggie’s reputation and his record sales with it. He took a photo of him and Biggie’s wife and then went about saying that he hadslept with her. This had a serious impact on Biggie’s reputation. He then wanted to isolate Biggie. That was his other strategy, so in order to accomplish his objective, he became very clear that whoever allies himself with Biggie, is going to be 2Pac’s enemy and a diss record directed at him was on it’s way. Not a lot of rappers could afford to be dissed by such a popular and well-liked artist like 2pac, so the strategy worked to some extent.

On the other hand, Biggie kept to himself most of the times. He didn’t really attempt to defend himself on any of the issues. Didn’t really created any counter attacks, nor released any diss records about 2pac. The only record which could be considered as a diss record is “Who Shot ya”. However this record was released after 2Pac’s death, so it really cant be considered as a counter attack measure.

A lot of questions could be raised regarding Biggie participation in this Beef. Why was he so quiet all the time? Did he just ignore 2pac and the effect his strategies had on his career? Did he feel guilty of something? Why didn’t he want to fight? Maybe he really had something to do with it?

We can only speculate.

This feud however was, is, and will probably always be the most popular and controversial beef in the history of rap.

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