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Controversial Journalists, Kemi Olunloyo apologizes to Olamide for calling him a ritualist. 

Broadcast journalist, Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo, has said hip-hop artist and YBNL Nation founder, Olamide, had nothing to do with the lightning that struck her on May 8.

Kemi-Olunloyo, daughter of former Oyo State governor, Dr Victor Omololu Olunloyo, shared news of the lightning strike in posts on her Twitter handle, @HNNAfrica.

Kemi’s critics have linked a lightning incident to a comment she allegedly made in 2016, daring to be struck by ‘thunder’, if certain comments she made about Olamide and a self-proclaimed spiritualist were untrue.

In several social media posts at the time, the pharmacist and blogger, said she was contacted by a source who described himself as “Eyan Mayweather” and claimed he had rendered “spiritual services” to Olamide.

But Kemi-Olunloyo told The press men that she never claimed Olamide was a ritualist, thus, the lightning strike was not because of anything she was believed to have said about him.

“The first time I got struck by lightning was in 2010 when I was in Canada and after that I became ‘ambidextrous’. The effect of the second lightning was that I called the Aalafin of Oyo to make me the goddess of thunder.”

She said her controversy with Olamide happened because she shared some of the claims her source made.

She said: “I said ‘Olamide have you been going to the spiritualist? I tweeted it and he didn’t reply. Olamide didn’t reply, instead he blocked me on all social media platforms for three years except Instagram. I guess he doesn’t know my handle. And then, one day, I tweeted ‘Let thunder fire me if I am lying about these guys and rituals’. The fact that someone does not admit something doesn’t mean they are doing it but it creates an element of suspicion.”

According to her, she started liking the rapper after he signed a female artiste, Adediwura.

According to her, “I started having a lot of respect for him when he did this. He is definitely talented and I have no issue with him because I have children that are older than him. When Olamide launched his TV station, I was the only media that posted it on my website.”

She apologised to the rapper for the controversies and asked him to unblock her on social media and join her anti-drugs campaign.

She said: “Olamide, sorry for the headache the controversy caused you. I have disclosed those who contacted me saying you patronised a ritualist. I also want you to join me soon in eradicating drug abuse regardless of that Science Student video. We must separate popular culture from reality.”

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