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 Singer, Small Doctor under attacks as he tries to advise Nigerian youths 

The Certified Street Ambassador “Small Doctor,” who covered the latest issue of magazine, had a few things to say about the story behind his stage name, his music, the reason he adds his usual ad-lib “ain” to his songs and others.

The singer greatly expressed his joy over his success in music. He talked about international acts he’ll like to work with, corrected the notion of him being a Fuji artist, saying he can do any genre of music but his kind of music right now is “AKEWEJE POP”. He also claims the genre is his intellectual property and is exclusive to just him.

And then directed his focus to Nigerianyouths who he seems to hold in a certain esteem. Sharing his thought on youth and cyber-fraud (yahoo yahoo), he blatantly said that Nigerian youths get carried away by social media, which is why they venture into things like that “yahoo yahoo.” Not a lot of things have been the same for him again after then.

He was first of all dragged over his nude video which surfaced on IG some time ago, and then over others. And it was rounded up with the suggestion that Small Doctor is a product of “a luck he knows nothing about,” no merits whatsoever! 

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